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Ubisoft: From Dust moved over 500K on PSN and XBLA

In an interview with MCV, Ubisoft digital publishing manager for EMEA Thomas Paincon spoke about the strengths of digital distribution for the introduction of new video game IP. The publisher's no stranger to taking risks with downloadables, as it's currently doing so with I Am Alive, Babel Rising and Shoot Many Robots. It also gambled on Eric Chahi's From Dust earlier this year, which Paincon said has paid off on XBLA and PSN to the tune of "half a million units."

Paincon added some insight into Ubisoft's strategy, specifically chalking From Dust's sales up to the fact that "the prices were lower, but also because it was a new experience and people using digital platforms are more willing to test a new IP." Hey, as long as we keep getting good games for $15 or less, you're not going to see us complaining. Now, how about that multiplayer and level editor update?

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