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A day in the life of Bashiok

Josh Myers

Have you ever wanted to email Ghostcrawler? Maybe send him a message ranting about the state of enhancement shaman AoE, or send him one of those awesomely tacky ecards to thank him for giving rogues their 8 billionth legendary? What if he actually responded to your emails? If your name is Micah Whipple, codename Bashiok, this dream is a reality.

Blizzard's A Day in the Life series just published A Day in the Life of Bashiok, one of Blizzard's community managers. CMs can have the dubious distinction of being the third most oft-cursed names by World of Warcraft players, next to Ghostcrawler and possibly Mike Morhaime. They're the players' links to the world-spanning organization that is Blizzard Entertainment and thus the easy target of a lot of hunter angst.

Thankfully, despite some of the bad coming his way, Bashiok's Day in the Life shows a man who truly loves his job, though he doesn't seem to love waking up for it. He does a really good job of explaining what exactly a community manager is, and his story is worth reading just for that.

We also learn from Bashiok that a lot of what Blizzard employees do is sit in meetings, and that some of those meetings aren't actually fun. Surprise! I don't know why I imagined every Blizzard meeting as a bunch of middle-aged men with monocles and pinstriped suits counting their money and laughing at the 99%, but I totally did. Much thanks to Bashiok for killing that dream.

On a side note, do the pictures in this story remind anyone of Women Laughing Alone With Salad? Bashiok Laughing Alone With Computers (and Salad).

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