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KlickNation is no more; long live BioWare Sacramento

If you've made a habit of frequenting the free-to-play worlds of Six Gun Galaxy, Age of Champions or Starship Command, you're probably familiar with their developer, KlickNation. Then again, maybe you aren't -- but you're about to be. The independent social game developer was recently acquired by EA and, as is their custom, given it a regionally appropriate rebranding as part of one of EA's development branches. Behold: BioWare Sacramento.

KlickNation co-founder Mark Otero added in a press release, "Joining with BioWare and EA is an opportunity to realize our vision for bringing high-quality RPG titles to the fast-growing, highly-engaged core gamers looking for deeper experiences on social platforms." You think that's what we're looking for? No way, man. We're just looking for new and exciting ways to ask our real-life friends to help us water virtual eggplants.

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