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Sony still holding out hope for Flash support on Vita

Jordan Mallory

Even with how prolific HTML5 has become across these great and vast internets, Adobe's Flash still accounts for the broad majority of internet content across the webs. For mobile-hardware manufacturers, the issue of Flashiness on their devices has, up until very recently, been a design decision, with OS developers weighing Flash's considerable processor and battery costs against its added utility; utility which Sony still hopes to include in the Vita.

Despite the cancellation of development and discontinuation of support for Flash on mobile devices, Sony Division 2 software-development head Muneki Shimada has said that his company is continuing its negotiations with Adobe, and that the end of Flash for mobile may not necessarily mean the end of Flash for Vita. We're not really sure how someone could negotiate a company back into supporting a dead platform, but if anyone knows anything about dead platforms, it's Sony.

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