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Namco Bandai announces Tekken Tag Tournament 2 field tests in US arcades

Jordan Mallory

"But wait," we hear you say from the other side of the Internet. "Isn't the American arcade scene dead? Haven't coin-op establishments gone the way of the dodo? What kind of fool do you take me for? Hey I'm talkin' to you!"

Chill, friend! It's true that the American arcade is not as prolific as it once was, but the scene is far from dead. In fact, the U.S. of A.'s fighting game community has gone to great lengths to preserve its arcade heritage, and the scene is doing so well that Namco Bandai will be testing the latest entry in the Tekken series across our amber waves of grain.

Announced during Northeast Championship XII, the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 field test will take place in 5 different arcades across the nation: Next Level Arcade in New York City, Round One Entertainment in City of Industry, CA, Super Arcade in Walnut, CA, Fun Works in Honolulu, HI and Arcade UFO in Austin, TX.

As Austin is positively bursting with Joystiq editors, we'll be keeping an eye out for scheduling information as it becomes available. For now, we're just going to sit back and daydream about punching a robot with a bear. Mmmmm, satisfying.

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