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THQ listed as Nexuiz publisher [update: it won't be Capcom]

Jordan Mallory

It looks like grassroots-turned-XBLA/PSN CryEngine 3 arena shooter Nexuiz has found itself a publisher, bringing it one step closer to meeting the winter 2011 release window originally slated for the title. According to an Australian Classification Board filing, Capcom has landed the gig of bringing multiplayer mayhem to American living rooms, while its international publishing partner THQ will handle the legwork in the land down under.

Update: It seems THQ may be the publisher after all. Capcom USA told Joystiq this was an error in the listing. "Capcom does work with THQ Australia on a number of our titles, so this may have just been an easy mistake. We are not working on this." We're told THQ Australia is working to correct the information.

We still don't know any release date or pricing information, but ratings filings are usually a good indication of logistical specifics in our near future.

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