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EverQuest II dev tour video details Beastlord, new Freeport, Mercs and more


Sony Online Entertainment is getting the EverQuest II: Age of Discovery hype train up to full speed today with a new dev tour of the upcoming content. Emily Taylor, the game's Executive Producer, takes viewers through the new features that players can expect from the upcoming expansion. To start things off, she gives players a look at the new Beastlord class, which can tame creatures to utilize as Warders in order to alter its playstyle.

We then get a look at the new and improved city of Freeport, which has been completely revamped. The city's four zones have been consolidated into one single zone, the visuals have been updated, and new questlines and content has been added. Finally, the tour stops off at the Seafarer's Roost Inn, where the new mercenaries can be hired -- for the right price, of course. So for the full video, click on past the cut and take a look.

[Source: Sony Online Entertainment press release]

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