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Undead Labs' writer talks story in zombie MMOs

Jef Reahard

Don't look now, but there's another MMO jumping on the story bandwagon. This time it's Undead Labs' Class3 console game, and there's a new dev blog up on the title's official site that outlines writer Travis Stout's modus operandi.

Stout is a huge fan of the zombie genre, and that's a good thing given Class3's focus on the walking dead and the creeptastic atmosphere surrounding them. So what does Stout see as a writer's main mission when it comes to the upcoming MMO?

"Take the zombies out of the equation and be damn sure you've got a rock-solid story full of interesting, well-developed characters and exciting action," he explains. "Then put the zombies back in so those characters can smash their heads in with tire irons."

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