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Come and get your free Starhawk beta keys [update: we're out!]

Justin McElroy

We had the weirdest night.

Typical Monday, we hassled Tom the Soup Salesman about those two shillings he owed us until he slipped us some free broth and gave Cratchit some grief about Christmas. No big. But no sooner had we drifted off to sleep then we were visited by three spirits. They showed us how callous we'd been to our fellow man through an increasingly elaborate set of what we can only assume were broth-induced hallucinations.

This morning, we awoke to find that not only had we not missed Christmas, we hadn't even missed the series premiere of Storage Wars: Texas. To show the spirits our gratitude and that we're serious about our new commitment to generosity, we're giving away one thousand codes good for entrance into the closed Starhawk beta.

What? ... No, they didn't cost us anything, Sony gave them to us for free. But if you think about it, isn't gifting something you got for free double generous?

... Alright, funny guy, just shut up and get your key.

[Update: And just like that, our generosity dries up. No more keys, paupers! Back to your ... you know, pauper caves!]

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