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Court denies Ubi's request to restrain Get Up and Dance


Oh, it's the dancing neon people. Which one is this again?

Ubisoft's lawyers have learned -- and a judge has confirmed -- that you just can't stop the beat. "Get Up and Dance," a rhythm game and euphoric command from OG International, can sway American customers unimpeded after a Californian court hip-bumped Ubisoft's request for a temporary restraining order. It's published in North America on PS3 and Wii by O-Games.

Legal action sprang from Ubisoft's belief that OG's dance game uses on-screen avatars that are a mite too similar to the ones in Just Dance (pictured), the wildly popular franchise that we only write about because of how wildly popular it is. According to MCV, the court was not satisfied with demonstrations that the games are "substantially" similar.

Ubisoft is said to be appealing the decision in the hopes of telling OG to Sit Down and Cease Your Gyration.

[Update: Crave Entertianment was erroneously listed as the publisher of Get Up and Dance. This has been corrected.]

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