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iPad/Android-based games mag PXL looking for assistance on Kickstarter


PXL is a proposal for a new game magazine on Android tablets and iPad, combining elements of traditional magazines and websites in a neat way.

Each issue of the upcoming magazine will have a news section that updates weekly, and reviews that magically arrive on the day of release, so that issue always has the latest news (stretching the definition of an "issue"). PXL founder and former Joystiq editor Randy Nelson has assembled "a crack team of gamers who've written for PSM, Nintendo Power, Next Generation, Official Xbox Magazine, PlayStation: The Official Magazine, Joystiq, and more" to write for the magazine.

The team plans to release the first issue in February, for $.99. A Kickstarter campaign is active now, offering free subscriptions and other bonuses in exchange for the funding to get the magazine off the ground and into your tablet. If you're interested in a new outlet for games writing (in addition to Joystiq; never stop reading Joystiq), or more stuff to read on your iPad than Atomix, why not help out?

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