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iPhone recreated in wood (and a toy iPad for the taking)


How great is this wooden iPhone, complete with special block icons to get moved around on the "touchscreen"? I'm not quite sure what it says about our culture that we're recreating Apple's magical device in this way (though it should be noted that this is an art project, not an actual "wooden blocks" toy for children), but I like it a lot. The icons are great, too -- simple and close to the real thing, but not quite.

And speaking of less-than-faithful recreations of Apple devices, I found the "App Calculator" pictured below in a Santa Monica toy store this last weekend, perched high up on a shelf. For the low price of just $15.95, you too can play with a device that's not exactly at all like an iPad, but happens to be shaped exactly the same way.

On the other hand, if you want to give your loved ones a real surprise, trick them with the fake iPad toy, and then surprise them with the real thing.

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