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Subscription fees return to Final Fantasy XIV on January 6


Square Enix has announced a small delay related to Final Fantasy XIV, but we don't think it's one you'll be upset about. Back in October, as part of the ambitious plan to revamp the MMO, Square Enix said it would begin charging a subscription fee in late November or early December. That date has been pushed to January 6, allowing you another whole month of ... playing Final Fantasy XIV in its current form. Hmm.

If you want to set up a subscription for your current account, you'll be able to do so starting December 16. Between January 6 and the release of "version 2.0," subscription fees will be discounted to $6.99 per 30 days (with extra savings for longer periods). The "real" subscription fee when version 2 launches will be $9.99 for 30 days.

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