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Ubisoft may be working on a Wii U MMO


Could Ubisoft be developing an MMO for Nintendo's upcoming Wii U, of all platforms? There are a few indications that, yes, the studio is indeed doing just that.

The first step in the puzzle comes from Ubisoft's Emile Gauthier, who posted the following tweet yesterday: "Ubisoft Quebec is working on a NEW AAA MMORPG Game and we need people to fill these very strategic positions."

The link attached sends readers to Ubisoft's Facebook page, where a number of recently posted job descriptions are listed. These jobs include Senior Engine Programmer (Wii U -- AAA title), Network Programmer (Wii U -- AAA title), Tools Programmer (AAA MMO), Online Game Design Project Manager, Programmer Gameplay (MMO AAA), and Animation Art Director (MMO AAA). Since all of these have been lumped together and added within a few days of each other, one might come to the conclusion that it is for the same game -- a Wii U MMO.

Of course, the MMO and Wii U title may turn out to be two separate projects, but in any case we're interested to see what Ubisoft has planned for our favorite game genre.

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