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WoW Moviewatch: Hater Raid Firelands


Work warning: Mild cursing in this video, especially near the end.

This is an odd combination of music, voice tracks, and raid video. Take the time to check it out, though; Molly did a surprisingly good job of pulling it all together when you consider it's her first video. It was fun to watch, reminiscent of the best parts of the Firelands, and the voice bits go well with the music.

Molly created this video as an homage to her raid group. What I especially liked were the layers of player dialogue and WoW's acting. I think this is an interesting genre that could be further developed. If you're not sure about the song, alt-tab and do some web browsing while you let it play. The effect is relaxing while still engaging. My hat's off to Molly. (As a note, she did use Deadmau5's song for a background track.)

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