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Apple sweeps PCWorld satisfaction survey


Despite the occasional report of issues with new models, most Macs tend to be quite reliable. Most Mac users intuitively feel that they're getting a quality machine for their money, and now the PCWorld 2011 Reliability and Service Survey validates that feeling.

Apple desktop computers (iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro) topped the survey, which compiled results from 63,000 PCWorld readers. The survey ranked manufacturers on five criteria -- problem on arrival, any significant problem, any failed component replaced, dead PC, and overall satisfaction with reliability. Apple got a better than average rating from respondents in four of the five categories, trouncing second and third place Asus and Dell business PCs that both captured that rating in only two categories.

In terms of reliability, what are the desktop PCs you want to stay away from? At the bottom of the list were CyberPower, Dell (for home), and HP (for home). The CyberPower PCs (which I've personally never even heard of) received worse than average ratings across the board.

Mac owners were also ecstatic about the features of their computers, with Apple getting a better than average rating in six out of seven categories. The sole category in which Apple got slapped with a worse than average rating was expandability. That's not surprising, since the majority of Apple desktop owners have either purchased the iMac or Mac mini, both of which are pretty well closed to any expansion except for RAM.

The third area in which Apple kicked butt and took names was in desktop support and maintenance. Apple received better than average scores in four out of four categories, with no other manufacturer receiving a better than average score.

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