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Get into a RIFT Instant Adventure faster than watching this promo video


"Players are in for good surprises," Trion Worlds' devs promise. "It's like nothing you've ever seen in an MMO before."

What's all this about? Why, it's the upcoming Instant Adventure feature for RIFT, where players can jump right into massive group content without having to sit in a queue or worrying about group composition. This "nonstop excitement" is hyped via a new video diary in which the feature is quickly demonstrated while the devs hit all the talking points in less than a minute.

Instant Adventures are designed to deliver quick group quests without having to pull together specific roles or wait for world events to occur. By clicking on the Instant Adventure button, players are brought to either Stillmoor or Shimmersand and a special encounter is launched that scales up and down with your group's size.

Give it a look and see if this is as good as the devs' word -- the adventures start (instantly) after the jump.

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