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Outspark announces Fiesta Online expansion, Expedition to Adealia


Outspark has announced a new expansion for its flagship free-to-play MMO, Fiesta Online. For the uninitiated, Fiesta Online is a fantasy MMORPG that puts players in the shoes of one of seven classes (such as Archer, Cleric, or Trickster) and sends them on a quest to -- what else -- save the world. More or less, anyway.

The expansion, known as Expedition to Adealia, will bring players to the eponymous continent of Adealia. There, they will be tasked with battling "the evil that consumes the land." The expansion will also increase the level cap, allowing players to progress their characters' power even further. To find out more about the upcoming expansion, or to join the game yourself, head on over to Fiesta Online's official site.

[Source: Outspark press release]

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