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Steam daily deal: Bastion for $5


I can tell you, I've wandered this world for a while, but I ain't ever seen nothin' like what I saw today. There was the Kid, runnin' about, popping Squirts and introducing Gas Fellas to the business end of a Cael Hammer. Only it wasn't the Kid. Not really. It was some sort of electric facsimile, a collection of dots, like moving grains of sand on a pane.

I don't rightly know how it works. Zia tells me it's a "video game," an invention the Ura dreamed up years ago, and this one is about the Kid's adventures rebuildin' the Bastion. I saw her pull the game from the ether, funneling it into a machine via some Steam powered contraption. As if that wasn't enough to jumble this old man's marbles, she told me the wondrous thing only set her back five dollars. Now, what exactly a dollar is, that she couldn't say.

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