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Uncharted series has shipped 13 million worldwide

Justin McElroy

Sounds like the $5 footlongs should be Nathan Drake's treat the next time we pull into our participating Subway restaurant. Sony's Asad Quizilbash tells Industry Gamers that over 13 million Uncharted games have been shipped to stores worldwide. What's more, the series is on a big upward trajectory, with week-one sales for Uncharted 3 doubling those of Uncharted 2.

Just think: For all the time Drake has spent shooting dudes and climbing around in pursuit of riches, the answer was there all along: Make a video game about yourself.

Of course, then he would just be making a game about a guy making a video game about a guy making a video game about a guy making a video game ... and so on into infinity. The snake would eat itself and the universe would collapse from the weight the endless feedback loop of cause and effect.

So ... maybe he should just stick to the shooting dudes and climbing. Yeah. That's best.

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