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Zero1's VooMote Zapper remote control for iOS devices is now available


Looking for yet another way to control your TV or home theater from your iOS-based device? Then you may be glad to know that Zero1's VooMote Zapper remote control is now available for $70. That buys you just the Zapper dongle itself -- you'll have to shell out $80 for the bundle including the iPhone case you see above, or $90 for one with an iPad case instead (both of which will be shipping a bit later in January). Key to whichever package you choose is Zero1's accompanying remote control app, which is available as a free download and can be fully customized to suit your setup. You can get an idea of how it works in our hands-on from this fall.

Show full PR text Announces Highly-Anticipated VooMote Zapper is Now Available

Elegant dongle that transforms your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad into a universal
remote solution and compatible app is now for sale at and iTunes

Berlin, Germany (December 7, 2011) –, leading provider of user
interfaces for home entertainment solutions, announces that today consumers
can purchase the revolutionary VooMote Zapper at, along with the
free app on iTunes.

This all-in-one solution is as small as a paperclip and fits in the dock connector of
your iPhone, iPod and iPad to turn your device into a universal remote. It can
then be used for a variety of infrared electronics including TVs, DVD players,
DVRs and more. Users simply download the free app to enjoy tailor-made
universal remote control functionality.

The VooMote Zapper is available in eight different colors including blue, green,
pink, red, and more. It can either be purchased by itself or coupled with a
matching iPhone or iPad case for the ultimate aesthetic appeal.

This pocket-sized dongle has been highly-anticipated across the globe because
of its superior ability to conveniently transform your iDevice into a remote control.
Its unique design and innovative features such as quick setup, multiple room
functionality and customizable remotes have also made it a highly demanded

The VooMote Zapper is available at and the VooMote Zapper app
is available to downloaded for free at the iTunes® store. The VooMote Zapper
dongle is available for $69.99. The VooMote Zapper with the iPhone 4 case is
$79.99, and the VooMote Zapper with the matching iPad case is $89.99. Both of
these bundles will be available January 2012.

For more information on and its release of the VooMote Zapper, please
contact PR representative Kristen Bean at
or 305-371-9736 ext. 123.

About is a Berlin based company focused on user interfaces for home
entertainment solutions. The company's technological patents provide the
practical expertise to improve remote control and user interface experiences
unlike any other. is the leading platform provider for smartphone-based
control solutions, with a mission to expand the access of multi-media content,
and enhance user experiences. The company recently developed and
manufactured VooMote One, a universal remote control solution for iPhone and
iPod touch.

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