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Apple TV updates bring streaming TV purchases to Australia, Canada and the UK


There's good news for our Apple TV-owning mates in Australia, Canada, and the UK. A new software update was sent to Apple TVs in those countries, and TV shows are now available for purchase and download on the device.

These are actual purchases, not rentals. You purchase the episodes or a season, and the content is then streamed from iCloud for your viewing pleasure. Want to watch that one special episode of Fringe over and over again? No problem.

According to readers, the episode downloads cost anywhere from "free" to CAD$2.49 (AUD$2.99). This is a new source of content for Apple TV owners in these other primarily English-speaking countries. To get the update, turn on your Apple TV and it should show that an update is available for download and installation. The other method that works is to go to Settings > General > Update to check for the new software.

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