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Daily iPad App: Fuego's River Adventure


Unfortunately, Fuego's River Adventure isn't actually that great of a game. It's extremely simple, the controls aren't precise enough to really make it fun, and while there are about 20 stages to float through where you need to go down a river dodging obstacles and picking up bonus items. I was done after about the second stage.

Fuego's River Adventure works much better as a tech demo, but it uses some really interesting code. The game runs on your iPad 2, and it needs that camera to serve as a controller. To play, you move your body back and forth in front of the camera, and that will guide Fuego down the river. The effect is very similar to Microsoft's Kinect, though obviously not nearly as complicated. The app is basically just scanning the camera input for action, not actually calculating where and how your body is moving. But it is interesting to see in action and works pretty well for what it is.

It's just too bad there's not a better game attached to it. For $1.99, it's hard to recommend Fuego's River Adventure for the fun. There is a lot more bang for your buck available elsewhere on the App Store. But paying two bucks is more or less worth it just to see this Kinect-like technology in action, and heck, supporting this app might lead to better games like this down the line. If you're interested in playing with the camera input for yourself, definitely give it a try.

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