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LG Optimus Pad sequel photos leaked, gives 4G gossips something to talk about


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The purported successor to LG's Optimus Pad, or G Slate, has surfaced on Korean news sites. According to reports, LG's next roll of the tablet dice will feature true 4G connectivity with LTE, a middle-size 8.9-inch WXGA screen and a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor. The tablet will drop the rear-facing dual-lens setup found on the original, cutting down from two five megapixel sensors to a single eight megapixel camera. The device [shown above, left] looks to be running a customized Honeycomb skin, apparently on version 3.1, although we hope to see an Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade a little further down the road. Prices? Dates? These are likely to remain closely guarded secrets for now, but you can grab a closer look in a second leaked shot after the break, or brave the full (Google-translated) report at the source.

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