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Nokia rolls out first update for Lumia 800, offers up new features for web-based 3D Maps on the side (video)


Nokia is pretty busy at the moment. Alongside clandestine events with T-Mobile, the first update for the Lumia 800 has now begun to roll out. As is the case with most WinPho upgrades, you'll have to plug the polycarbonate slab into Zune to pull down several new performance enhancements and features. These will include charging and audio quality improvements, as well as improved display switching in bright light. Don't panic if you're unable to grab the update immediately; the phone manufacturer told us that it will be gradually rolled out across all of the initial launch countries over the next two weeks.

But Nokia didn't stop there -- it has also added more functionality to its impressive -- and free -- web-based maps. Its 3D Maps, available in 25 cities, have been given new navigation functions, sharing and search options. You'll have to install a browser plugin to get your hit of pop-up cartography, but Google Earth addicts should be suitably impressed. Click the source below to judge for yourself, or hold on after the break for a quick intro video.

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