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Prope reimagines three little piggybanks in FlickPig for iOS

Meet FlickPig, the latest from former Sonic Team bossman Yuji Naka and his team at Prope. This iOS title tasks players with – can you guess? – flicking pigs across three lanes, while avoiding obstacles, gathering coins and ... chasing down wolves?

These three little pigs are really piggybanks who lived in a brick house, so instead of blowing it down a pack of wolves broke in and stole their coins. Out of their bodies! While we find it difficult to believe the pigs didn't wake up during this surgery / looting, they did eventually awake and give chase. That's where you and your finger come in – collecting coins not only gives you a feeling of moral victory, but you can use those coins to buy items to help your progress.

This hard-boiled tale of robbery and revenge can be yours for just $0.99, and will work on just about any recent iOS device, post-iPhone 3G. And for those of you lucky enough to have both an iPhone and an iPad, FlickPig will support iCloud data transfer, so your progress will be beamed across devices.

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