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UK indies putting together 'Little Big Bunch' charity bundle


Indie games travel in packs now. A group of UK indies is concocting another pay-what-you-want offering, in the same vein as The Humble Indie Bundle, that collects several enticing games and lets you split your donation between the developers and charity organization GamesAid. Dubbed "The Little Big Bunch," it's expected to go live (and actually have, like, a website) by December 14th.

According to Develop, the bundle will contain Explodemon, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee, recent "Humble" headliner Frozen Synapse, and unspecified contributions from New Star Games and Mommy's Best Games (the Indiana-based team behind Serious Sam: Double D).

We'll let you know as soon as The Little Big Bunch opens itself to your unrestrained philanthropy / inability to resist cheap games.

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