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Xbox Live Companion app hits Windows phone, bests iOS app

While the statistical majority of us were busy checking out Microsoft's new (and entirely unexpected!) iOS app, My Xbox Live, there was another mobile Xbox app released that may be of interest to some of you. The Xbox Companion is a Windows Phone app that goes beyond what the iOS app can do. In addition to checking out your Gamerscore, sending messages to friends, or setting a beacon, the Companion app can navigate the "unified Xbox catalog for movies, TV shows, music, games and apps." And if you connect your Windows Phone to your Xbox, you can "launch a movie, TV show, game or app on the connected console" and even control playback of video or audio.

What's less clear (and less likely we suppose) is whether or not that level of functionality will ever make it to the iOS app. For now, we suppose we should be thankful that the powers-that-be at Microsoft released anything outside of Windows Phone, so we won't push it just yet. We'll definitely push it later, though.

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