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BioWare releases Sith Inquisitor progression video, forums gather launch statistics [Updated]


Star Wars: The Old Republic is just a matter of days from beginning its early start program, but BioWare is continuing the news drip right up to the last minute. Today, the studio released a new video detailing the progression of the wicked Sith Inquisitor. For a lovely display of Force Lightning and other neat Inquisitor tricks, click on past the cut for the full video.

But first, we have some interesting launch-time statistics for you folks, courtesy of a massive thread over on the official SWTOR forums. In The Poll to end all Polls, over one million players have reported on the factions, races, and classes they plan to play at launch. Faction balance is surprisingly even, with a slight slant (53.82%) in favor of the Empire. Classes are almost evenly quartered (though the survey doesn't take advanced class into account). For the full statistics, click on over to Disdain Gaming.

And one more thing! Don't forget that BioWare will be hosting launch events in New York City, Austin, TX, London, and Paris. So if you're nearby, head on over and join up with your fellow fans to celebrate the launch of The Old Republic.

[Update: Continuing its deluge of Friday info, BioWare has also just released a forum post explaining why the Unify Color to Chestpiece system will not make it in for launch. But on a happier note, the SWTOR team just Tweeted that Guild HQ updates are coming Monday!]

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