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Rumor: Dead Rising 3 set in California, stars 'Rick' the mechanic


Siliconera says a source provided detailed information on the unannounced Dead Rising 3. According to this informant, it will star an auto mechanic named Rick, who is trying to rebuild a plane in order to escape from the zombie-infected Los Perdidos, California, before a bomb destroys the town.

The purported game will feature a theme of illegal immigration, the source claims. An "underground" group of infected people avoid government registration, becoming "illegal" citizens. Another, more familiar theme will also be present: that of how hilarious and awesome it is to kill zombies with random items, as evidenced by the presence of a character whose motorcycle has a steamroller attached.

Capcom's only comment on the issue has been to tell Shacknews it's "made no announcements" regarding Dead Rising 3. It also hasn't announced anything regarding the inevitable re-release starring Frank West.

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