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The Starlight Celebration approaches for Final Fantasy XI

Eliot Lefebvre

The end of the year quickly approaches, and if you're a veteran of Final Fantasy XI, you know that means it's time for the Starlight Celebration. The music changes in Jeuno, the snow falls, and players get to enjoy a bit of Christmas cheer in the game as well as out of it. And like most events, this one has a new wrinkle for its newest outing: it seems a handful of Goblins have decided to get involved in the celebration, taking some presents that weren't intended for them and leaving adventurers to recover the missing gifts.

Missed a previous year? That's all right -- you can still obtain one of the many cozy furnishings or festive costume pieces through a variety of event merchants and packages scattered throughout Vana'diel. The event will start on the live servers on December 16th and run through December 31st, plenty of time for everyone in Final Fantasy XI to get a solid dose of some holiday cheer.

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