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Three Rings prepares to connect Puzzle Pirates' oceans

Jef Reahard

Three Rings is making some interesting changes to its Puzzle Pirates MMO. A new post on the game's official forums outlines what's in store for the new year, and in a nutshell, players will be able to sail between many of the game's oceans (which, in regular MMO-speak, are actually the game's servers).

"We've been working on a way to consolidate the game's oceans for quite some time now, and after much deliberation, we determined that the fairest way to go about this is to combine the geographies of two oceans on one server," Three Rings explains.

The post hints at massive new explorable areas and also reassures players that their existing properties will be unaffected in spite of the mergers. There's a large FAQ in the thread as well, so head over to the Puzzle Pirates board for all the details.

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