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Join the fight to reclaim Atlantica Online


Atlantica Online has become a much more dangerous place to visit as of late, ever since a horde of monsters led by the evil Riederan invaded the place. But you won't let a little thing such as XP-filled loot piñatas keep you from fighting back, right? We didn't think so.

Starting tomorrow and continuing through January 8th, Atlantica Online players will rise to meet the challenge of these invaders during a massive in-game event. When Riederan's Invasion is triggered, players have a scant half-hour to slaughter 10,000 monsters per town before the town's defenses fail. The event is programmed to scale so that mobs will match the players' levels.

Participate in the event and precious rewards and buffs will drop into your lap. Bet that's the best news your lap's heard all day! To help players out with the invasion, Atlantica Online has introduced a new hero, the sorceress Mwindo. Mwindo can use her primal monsoon magic and staff to bring the pain to the baddies.

[Source: Nexon press release]

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