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Diablo III's opening cinematic revealed


If your jaw hit the floor when you saw Diablo III's Black Soulstone cinematic, then you'll definitely want to check out Blizzard's latest offering. Revealed during the Spike TV video game awards, Diablo III's official opening cinematic slots another piece of the lore puzzle into place. Set before the Black Soulstone video that saw an overwhelmed Leah confronted by demon lord Asmodan's impending apocalypse, the opening cinematic introduces a familiar face as the girl's uncle: Deckard Cain himself.

The video sets the scene for the very beginning of the game and is the first thing players will see on launching the game, so thankfully it can't really spoil anything. If this video and the Black Soulstone cinematic are any indication of the cinematic quality we can expect throughout Diablo III, then the game has certainly held onto its roots. For news and updates

Skip past the cut to watch the full video, and stay tuned to our weekly Not So Massively column every Monday for news and updates as the game nears release.

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