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Game of Thrones producer digs Kingdom of Loathing

Jef Reahard

Chalk this one up to eagle-eyed nerds with too much free time on their hands, but apparently Game of Thrones producer D.B. Weiss is a fan of online RPGs. The Wonderland blog snapped a pic of the writer and HBO show-runner wearing a Kingdom of Loathing t-shirt during a recent promotional reel for the fantasy drama's second season (which is currently in production).

Kingdom of Loathing is a browser-based quasi-MMO that launched in 2003 and is known for its acerbic wit, pop culture references, and stick-figure graphics. You can see Weiss's t-shirt -- as well as the rest of the GoT season two trailer -- on HBO's website, and don't forget to check out the Kingdom of Loathing site while you're at it.

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