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Zalman reportedly entering the graphics card market, merging GPUs with cooling solutions


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Recently leaked slides suggest Korean computer outfit Zalman will soon jump into the ever-expanding graphics card market, initially partnering with AMD on its Radeon series. Known best for its quiet computing technologies, the company's move to infuse GPUs with cooling solutions could enhance the performance of the cards, making overclocking a lesson in simplicity. The slides only show the AMD 6870, 6850, and 6770, but it's feasible more models will appear when official news is released. Given AMD's many board partners, differentiation is important to remain competitive and on their payroll -- graphics cards and their overheating habits is Zalman's cup of tea. Hopefully this brings more innovative products in the coming future (heck, we've already got GPU / NIC hybrids), perhaps as early as CES. Check past the break to view the specifications breakdown for the aforementioned cards.

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