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13" MacBook Air tops TUAW Best of 2011 voting


Today we're happy to announce the first winner in TUAW's Best of 2011 voting. The initial category that TUAW readers voted on was the Best Mac of the Year, and the results were not unsurprising. Apple's 13" MacBook Air trounced the competition, garnering a whopping 32.7 percent of the votes from 1,274 readers.

The closest competition came from Apple's large desktop Mac, the 27" i7 iMac, with 18.6% of the votes. Not surprisingly, the diminutive 11" MacBook Air also pulled in a lot of votes -- in fact, almost half (49.5 percent) of the votes were for the MacBook Air models.

Our thanks to all of you TUAW readers who nominated your favorite Mac and then voted in the competition.

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