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Bloomberg: Microsoft to create its own TV programming for Xbox Live


Microsoft's streaming television service in the US is still in its infancy, but the company reportedly has plans to greatly expand it in the coming months, even introducing its own programming. Bloomberg reports that Microsoft is currently on the hunt for a television exec to handle said original programming, with two ex-NBC suits named as potential candidates (Marc Graboff and Jess Gaspin).

No details are given on what kind of content the company might provide, though the report says it will be paired with the already existing streaming offerings. Microsoft already dips its toe into original programming via the Xbox Live Dashboard (Major's Minute, Xbox 101, etc.), and hosts partners for promotional tie-in videos (IGN) alongside streaming services like Crackle, HBO Go, and the Zune Marketplace. The company also worked in the past with NBC on the network "MSNBC," though Microsoft later exited the partnership. The Redmond, WA-based company isn't offering any comment at this time regarding the report.

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