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Child's Play raises $1.5 million so far in 2011, passes $10 million in total contributions


In 2010, Child's Play earned a whopping $2,294,317.53 for charity, a new record for the organization. Lifetime total earnings came to over nine million dollars last year since the charity started back in 2003, which donates countless toys and video games to childrens hospitals across the country. And in 2011, the bar has been raised even higher.

The charity has earned $1.5 million so far in 2011, pushing total earnings over the $10 million mark. News came via a post over on the official blog, where Robert Khoo, president of operations and business development for Penny Arcade, the charity's organizers. Khoo said fundraising this year "is coming along at a record pace" and thinks the $2 million mark is "well within reach."

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