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Early Atom N2600 benchmark, can't cedar wood for the trails?


It goes without saying that benchmarking something pre-release requires a cavalcade of sodium-chloride, but our curiosity was piqued at the prospect of some Cedar Trail sneak-peeks. Netbook Live has been at it again, pitting a 1.6GHz Atom N2600-touting ASUS Eee PC X101CH, against machines sporting 1.66GHz Atom N570 (ASUS 1015PX) and 1.0 GHz AMD C-50 (ASUS 1015B and Tosh NB550D) chips. The initial reports suggest that the 32nm-based N2600 is a touch behind the N570 in general CPU terms, but forges confidently ahead when it comes to graphics. The C-50 showed mixed results in CPU tests, with the N2600 falling behind on graphics this time round. The take-away being if you need more CPU oomph go for the meatier 1.83 GHz N2800. Hit the source link for the blow by blow breakdown.

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