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Paragon Studios announces the fall of the Statesman


Prepare for a shock, City of Heroes players. One of the game's most symbolic characters, Statesman, is going to die. In true comic-book fashion, Paragon Studios has announced the impending death of the leader of the Freedom Phalanx. But players will, of course, have their parts to play as well. They will be tasked with "unraveling the scheme that leads to the demise of our intrepid hero."

And players will be able to do just that when Signature Story Arc #5 goes live in January. The update will be available free next month to VIP players. Premium players can purchase it from the cash shop if they please. So brace yourselves, City of Heroes players, for the fall of an icon. Villains are free to celebrate now if they wish.

[Source: NCSoft and Paragon Studios press release]

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