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PS3 'Other OS' class action dismissed


Sony was successful with its motion to dismiss the class action lawsuit against its removal of the PS3's "Other OS" Linux compatibility. A federal judge has dismissed all of the counts in the suit.

All but one of the claims had been dismissed in February, Gamasutra reports. The plaintiffs amended their claims, but judge Richard Seeborg has dismissed the amended claims. "In light of the prior amendment, and the fundamental shortcomings in plaintiffs' basic theory that it was wrongful for Sony to release the software update in dispute, leave to amend will be denied," Seeborg wrote, closing the door on future amendments.

Seeborg wrote that while Sony's decision to allow users access to OtherOS only if they decline updates necessary to access PSN caused "dismay and frustration" to PS3 owners, no legal basis was shown for preventing the move. "The flaw in plaintiffs' [argument] is that they are claiming rights not only with respect to the features of the PS3 product, but also to have ongoing access to an internet service offered by Sony, the PSN."

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