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Sirius XM app adds satellite radio 2.0 support

Mel Martin

Sirius XM has pushed out a major update for its iOS apps to include features users have been wanting and that will give competitors like Pandora a bit of a jolt. This app really gives users control of their listening experience, something that satellite radio hasn't had.

Features include:

  • Start Now- starts shows from the beginning even if the program has been on for some minutes
  • Tune Start- starts the currently playing song from the beginning
  • Pause- just what it says. Pause live radio and then restart when it's convenient.
  • Fast Forward/Rewind- move quickly forward and back through any program
  • Show Finder- sets alerts for your favorite programming

In my tests of the app it seemed to work as expected. One thing made me unhappy. The update trashed my user credentials so I had to log in again. It did preserve my favorite channels, however.

So far, this software is iOS only, but it's expected to come to Android sometime next year. If you're a Sirius/SM subscriber grab it, but have your user name and password handy.

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