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Android users to explore The Dark Meadow in 2012


Phosphor Games has announced that The Dark Meadow is headed to Android devices in early 2012. Should you be rocking a device with a Tegra 3 quad-core processor, The Dark Meadow Deluxe Edition will also offer "enhanced visuals and physics." In addition to these enhancements, the new edition will also feature "new game modes, story elements, levels and characters."

If you've yet to experience The Dark Meadow, we'd definitely suggest reading up on the graphically impressive and surprisingly atmospheric horror title.

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Integration of New NVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core Processor Takes Unreal Engine 3-Powered Game to New Heights

CHICAGO, IL, December 14, 2011 – Already considered one of the best-looking games on a mobile device, Phosphor Games Studio, a highly regarded developer of innovative video games, today confirmed that The Dark Meadow will look better than ever when it makes its Android debut in early 2012 with upgraded tech and features.
A debut trailer for The Dark Meadow for Android is now available for viewing at the Phosphor Games Studio YouTube Channel at:

Just announced during the Spike TV "Video Game Awards 2011" this past Saturday, the Android version will deliver enhanced visuals and physics resulting from the integration of the new NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 quad-core mobile processor, as well as new gameplay features including new game modes, story elements, levels and characters.

"The response we've received since launching The Dark Meadow has been incredible. It's clear that mobile players want console-style production values in their games," said Chip Sineni, Director at Phosphor Games Studios. "We're very excited to work with NVIDIA on incorporating Tegra 3's quad-core power and give Android owners an unrivaled visual experience to add to our new game modes, levels and characters."

Developed utilizing the acclaimed Unreal Engine 3, The Dark Meadow is a stunning first-person, action/adventure game where players fight to escape a nightmare world filled with fantastical creatures bent on destroying them. You awake in a hospital uncertain of how you arrived there or why. An old man warns of a beautiful witch whose minions roam the halls seeking to kill the living. It is only when the witch is destroyed that you will be released from this unrelenting torment.

As you explore the photo-realistic world, you will need both your crossbow for ranged combat as well as your sword for in close, melee combat. Gesture-based "pull back and fire" as well as slashing combat will be instantly recognizable to touch screen players, and node-based movement through the world makes navigation simple yet compelling.

Role-playing game mechanics enhance the exploration, as a wide variety of items are secreted throughout the world – from hidden scraps of paper that reveal the mystery of your imprisonment, to money which can be used to purchase better equipment and weapons.

The Dark Meadow arrives on Android in early 2012 and will be available in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Italian. An exact date and price will be announced shortly.

About Unreal Engine 3

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About Phosphor Games Studio

Based in Chicago, Phosphor Games Studio is a top-tier development studio comprised of experienced video game designers with a track record of producing financially successful and critically acclaimed titles across a variety of genres – from hardcore first-person shooters and MMOs to sports and casual games. Phosphor Games was tapped by Microsoft to develop SpacePop, one of the five activities found in Microsoft's launch title, Kinect Adventures, and one of the first Kinect games to use pure full body and spatial depth movement for gameplay. More information can be found online at, on Facebook or via Twitter @phosphorgames

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