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Bungie's Marathon 2: Durandal heads to iOS


Months after the release of the original Marathon on the iPad, Touch Arcade reports that Marathon 2: Durandal has been approved by Apple and will be launch for iOS on Thursday (i.e. tomorrow). Marathon 2 includes many features not found in the original, namely that it's a universal app, meaning it's playable across all iOS devices this time around, not just the iPad.

Furthermore, it supports Game Center, offers the same HD textures found in the Xbox Live Arcade version and features support for Joypad, and app that turns your iPod or iPhone into a game controller for the iPad.

As with the original Marathon release, Marathon 2 itself will be free, with optional extras like high resolution textures (presumably the HD textures mentioned above) and a cheat mode available for in-app purchase. Additionally, all of these new features will reportedly be added to the original Marathon via an update later this week, hopefully meaning it will no longer be confined solely to the iPad.

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