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Little Space Heroes launches into orbit

Eliot Lefebvre

Winter is fast approaching, and that means holidays for children and parents looking for an activity to share. If you're one of those parents and you're hoping to get some time in an MMO with your kids, you may want to consider Little Space Heroes. The free-to-play browser-based game has just launched, allowing kids of all ages a chance to adventure in an online world with a strong emphasis on story and adventure.

According to the game's backstory, the evil Lord Shadowbot has stolen the Glows, the source of light in the player's galaxy. Each player must begin a quest to try to recover the Glows, restoring light and happiness and foiling Lord Shadowbot in turn. Bubble Gum Interactive has stated that its goal is to create a gaming experience fun for kids and parents alike, so if you're looking for something to try out with your little ones, this might be just the game. (You can also take a look at our first impressions of the game if you need a little more information.)

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