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Max Payne 3 multiplayer to have 'Gang War' narrative, Bullet Time

The multiplayer component of Max Payne 3 is shaping up to be absolutely insane, provided the oodles of ambition outlined in this recent IGN preview is fully realized. The competitive branch of the game will focus on "Gang War" mode, an objective-based team mode which sees player's goals change dynamically based on the events of the previous round. For instance, the player with the most kills in the last round may have a bounty on their head in the following match, while a certain territory your team stole in the previous game will have to be fended off in future encounters.

Players will customize their loadouts using Bursts -- usable perks which become more powerful the longer the player goes without using them. These include intriguing abilities like Paranoia, which makes the opposing team see their teammates as enemies, simultaneously enabling friendly fire. There's also the series' trademark Bullet Time, which works by slowing down foes caught in the user's line of sight. Check out IGN for more info about how Multi-Max's abilities break down.

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