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CD Projekt demands Witcher 2 pirates pay up, '100% sure' it's targeting properly


Developer CD Projekt RED previously estimated that The Witcher 2 had been pirated 4.5 million times, and now it's looking for thousands of those offenders to pay up. TorrentFreak reports the company has sent legal notices to BitTorrent users in Germany seeking €912 ($1180) to cover their debt to the company.

"As you know, we aren't huge fans of any sort of DRM here at CD Projekt RED. DRM itself is a pain for legal gamers – the same group of honest people who decided that our game was worth its price, and went and bought it," CD Projekt RED told Joystiq in a statement. "We don't want to make their lives more difficult by introducing annoying copy protection systems."

"However, that shouldn't be confused with us giving a green light to piracy. We will never approve of it, since it doesn't only affect us but has a negative impact on the whole game industry. We've seen some of the concern online about our efforts to thwart piracy, and we can assure you that we only take legal actions against users who we are 100 percent sure have downloaded our game illegally."

CD Projekt wouldn't explain how it's sure that it's targeting the pirates properly, but it's using a method, according to PC Gamer, developed by an external company.

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