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Conquer Online's Invasion of Pirates expansion slated for January

Jef Reahard

Last week we told you about Conquer Online's migration to the iPad. This week, it's time for a bit of info on the game's newest expansion. The Invasion of Pirates update will feature a new Pirate class (yeah, it shocked us too) and a new adventuring zone called the Flaming Sea.

NetDragon is also gifting players with additional abilities, among them new cannon bomb and pistol skills that are a must for any Pirate. The company's press release is light on gameplay details, but it does promise "an epic journey full of hidden treasure, ancient evils, dangerous traps and other mysterious challenges [that] await new and old players alike."

Invasion of Pirates is scheduled to sail sometime in January of 2012.

[Source: NetDragon press release]

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