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Eventbrite to release iOS ticket management app


I don't know about you all, but I've been using Eventbrite for almost all of my ticket purchases lately. Whether it's a benefit show, a friend's play, or a full-scale concert, I find myself getting redirected over there more and more to pick up my tickets. That's why I'm glad to hear there's an iOS app on the way from the company, which will allow you to browse through recent ticket purchases and upcoming events, as well as get information for all of the shows you're registered for.

Unfortunately, the news doesn't mention anything about being able to buy tickets directly inside the app -- it's possible, because of Apple's restrictions on in-app purchases and linking off to other stores, that Apple won't let Eventbrite run ticket purchases from the app at all. That would be a shame; even if Eventbrite could just open up the iOS browser and complete the ticket sale there, that would be an easier solution than having to go back out to another PC.

But the app still sounds useful, especially for looking up last minute information. This new app will be more centered around ticket purchases, obviously. Eventbrite already has an app called Easy Entry designed to work at event check-in for the event's organizers. But I find myself buying tickets way more than collecting them, obviously, so this new app should be more helpful.

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